Ready to use Book Types & Sizes

Various standard book types like Center Pinning, Perfectbind soft cover, Perfectbind- Hard cover, Perfectbind -Readycover, Photopaper Ready cover & Wirobind – Offset. Book types & sizes are according to printing & binding industry standards.

*Define your own book type & size

In spite of having many predefined standard book types & sizes; if the type or size that you require is not present; you may define your own Custom Parameters like Cover, Pages, Size, Style, Spine, Safe Area, etc. so that you can design book in your desired size.

*Define Digital cover or Ready Cover and Cover size, Spine, and Logo

You can easily define the book cover, you can design book with & without cover by clicking on single button; define cover size, spine, safe area, adding your logo on book is also possible with a single click, if you want the output of cover in two pages then select the split option.

Auto book creation

Book Xpress makes book creation easy & saves time. 7 Unique Automatic ways to Design Photo Book. Just select the book size, type, theme & photos. Arrange the selected photos in sequence & the book is designed in few seconds. Photos can be sequenced on the basis of time, size & name or even can be dragged & dropped manually.

Smart Book

Smartest way to design photo books. Photos are most important element in the photo books that’s why one full size photo per page is automatically placed in smart book. No designing requires in smart book. Photo gets Fit in any Size Book without Squeezing or Stretching.

Grid Book

Photos are aligned in grid format. Grids are automatically formed on the basis of no of photos per page chosen by you & size of the book. Photo gets fit in any size grid without squeezing or stretching. Through grid book you can arrange multiple photos on selected pages.

Perfect Book

Designs book near to perfect as you wanted it to be. Add artistic look to the book by automatically setting different layouts on every page. In Perfect book, photos are automatically get arranged in the order they were taken. Due to this Photo book narrates a story of the events. No Squeezing or Stretching of the photos.

Easy Book

This is an easy to design book. In easy book choice of layout is in your hand. Varieties of layouts are available for your choice. Select theme, layout & photos & software will automatically design books. Photos will get fit in chosen layout without squeezing or stretching.

Creative Book

Add a creative look to the book by choosing different layouts for every page. Choice of layouts is in your hand. Varieties of layouts are available for Your choice. Photos get fit in chosen layouts without squeezing or stretching.

Traditional Book

In traditional book, Photos are set in traditional photos sizes like 4 x 6, 5 x 7 & 6x 8. Choice of layout is in your hand. Varieties of layouts are available for every traditional photo size. Photos get fit in selected size without squeezing or stretching.

Catalogue Book

Catalogue book is grid based layout book in which photos are aligned in auto formatted grids. Layouts are automatically formed on the basis of no of photos per page chosen by you & size of the book. Photo gets fit in any layout without squeezing or stretching. Get photo file name below image.

Manual Photo book Creation

Design your own theme with the provided backgrounds, clip-arts, borders, etc. & save it for future use. Not just this, you can import decors & make your own templates with no limitations to your creativity.

Reuse ready Photo book project for another Photo book

Your Ready Book can be used as Series of preselected templates to design similar photo book story with another set of Photographs, which saves your time as well as energy.

Project Mobility between Machines

You may save projects along with Photos & Décor. This Saved Project can be used as backup as well as this project can be copied to another machine to continue editing of the same album further.

Grids, Guidelines and Ruler

It helps you to position images or elements precisely according to the width & height of the page. Guide lines appears over the entire page & do not get printed. You can move or remove the guide line to avoid accidental move.

On Board Photo Cropping and Transforming

The online photo crop feature allows you to trim out any part of the source photo that you don't need. You can crop your photo to give it the desired height & width before incorporating it in your photo book.

Online Zooming and Panning

Feature that allow zooming the photos to give a closer look for the best click. Photos can be zoomed or panned by scrolling or moving the mouse. Book Xpress has an in-built ‘quality indicator’, which warns you whenever the photo quality goes below the required standards. To see the 'Zooming effect' please scroll over the image & after zooming in check the quality indicator on the photo.

Object based alignment

This option allows you to align photos with respect to other photos or elements on the Book. This Auto-Align Layers command can automatically align layers based on similar content in different layers, such as corners & edges. You assign one layer as a reference layer, or let Photo automatically choose the reference layer. There are multiple options for this sort of alignment.

Page based alignment

This option allows you to align photos & other elements on the page with respect to the page.


To get attractive look to the designed page, Arrange object feature helps in arranging objects like photos, clip arts; etc.

Equal Spacing between objects and equal size in single click

With this feature, you can make all the spaces between each photo equal. Simply move the first photo to the preferred gap measurement & the rest of the photos will automatically be snapped into place with exactly the same measurement.

Rotate and Flip - Mask and Border on object

Photos can be made more creative by rotating & flipping masks & borders with just one click. Select the photo & rotate or flip it from available options. With this you can have new formations & designs for a book.

Lock & Unlock Photo

Book Xpress generally locks the Photo to ensure precise designing done while creating page remain unaltered; you may just click on lock icon to unlock it & move it or resize it accordingly.

Flip Page without flipping photo's positioning

The designed page composition can be flipped horizontally or vertically without flipping the photo & this gives you new composition.

Edit Cover and Page design

You can edit & design the book pages by filling in pages & setting their location on the page, selecting backgrounds, setting frames, masks or effects on the photos, adding clip-arts, adding texts.

Copy, Paste & Clear Effects

You can apply the similar effects of one photo on the other photos as many times as you want, just copy the effects from one & paste them to the other one. It can also be removed by just clicking on clear effect. This is the fast & easy way of designing book.

Used Photo / Décor Indicator

While creating photo book, selection of photos is major task; Book Xpress helps you by indicating Used Photos along with their number of recurrence. You may also sort Photos as used /unused.

While re-editing previous page or previous Photo book; you can find source Photograph, Border, Mask; just by right clicking on Photograph in the page.

Photo Quality indicator

The quality of photos used in a Photo book must be good to ensure clarity in the final output. Book Xpress has an in-built ‘quality indicator’, which warns you whenever the photo quality goes below the required standards. Once a photo has been placed into the frame, the indicator warns you if the resolution is inappropriate for the desired output size.

Swap photo

It comes handy when in Auto Creation any Landscape Photo fits in portrait position; you just need to select both photos to swap them instantly.

Use Photo as Background

Although Hundreds of Backgrounds are available; Special Photos used as background of page makes Photo book Super Personalized; Book Xpress allows you to add Photo as Background in just one click.

Create your own workspace

Flexible for Advance Users. All Panels are Dock able, Expandable & Movable, allowing you to design your own better interface, just comfortable for you.

*Advance Photo manager

Book Xpress is loaded with new photo manager through which user can select the photo in thumbnails, list, Filmstrip or in Full view mode; none of other software provide selection in full view. Photo manager have option of batch rename, batch Edit or Batch rotate which can be used on single photo also. Sort photos with various parameters provided. You can even sort photos manually.

RGB color correction

To apply the appropriate curves to an image take an underexposed RGB image & make it look great using Levels & Curves. At this juncture shown above, the photo starts to become richer & more saturated with color. After finally adjusting the blue channel below, we can see the photo is at a very rich stage. Details that weren’t previously visible shine out now.

BCG (Brightness, Contrast, Gamma) Settings

You can adjust the brightness, contrast & gamma of the photos to adjust the clarity of the image.

Curve & Level

Curve tool is a flexible control that can brighten or darken parts of a layer based on the layer’s luminosity. It can be used to edit photos, masks, graphics & hues. Level tool is used to adjust brightness, contrast & tonal range by specifying the location of complete black, complete white & mid tones in histogram.

Basic Effects on Photos

Give an extra edge to your photos with effect like Blur, Colorize, Feather, Opacity, Crop and Rotate.

*Batch color correction

Color Balance tool is given to adjust the Colors of the photos in a Batch Mode. You can set the colors & Brightness & Contrast of the Multiple photos at a time. There are Automate Options that can be used in batch mode. By clicking on the Buttons like Auto Color, Auto contrast, etc. all the selected photos will be done with same settings you made in a single click in batch mode.

40+ Book Themes

Ready to use Themes are available Free along with the Software. You can create n number of beautiful combinations by applying the templates on left or right page respectively.

*Create & Save your own Theme or Layout

You may alter existing theme or layout & save as new or you may create completely new page design using DgFlick’s or your own Decor & save your created theme or layout to reuse.

Huge collection of Backgrounds, Borders, Mask and Clip-Arts

Choose over hundreds of borders, masking effects, elegant backgrounds, clip arts & many more. Replace the backgrounds, clip-arts & borders with 18 ready tones generated. Make your book more creative by rotating clip-arts & masks.

Multiple Ready tones in single click

18 ready tones get auto-generated for backgrounds, clip-arts, borders, etc. not only for decors provided by Dgflick but also for the decors brought by you.


Font, font size, alignment & color of the title can be changed according to your designs. Ready presets are also available to give an attractive new look to your Book.

Photo Book can be made more creative by simply adding multiline text. Add the text to comment on event, on your relation & the moment.

Import your own Backgrounds, Borders, Clip-arts or Masks

You may bring in any PNG or JPEG file as Clipart or as Background also you may create & bring in any Mask or Border. This adds a personal touch to your book.

Save & Reuse

Save Project & Reuse it multiple times.

Your Ready Book can be used as Series of preselected templates to create similar photo book story with another set of Photographs.

Also save Project along with photos & Décor; easy to backup & Transfer between PCs.

Export as PDF

Export as Low Resolution PDF

Perfect tool to send Book Project for customer’s approval. This is a very low resolution PDF and it cannot be printed.

Export as Print ready PDF

This supports direct PDF printing.

Layered PDF

It allows to do color correction before printing.

Export to JPG

Export your Book as JPG and send it for printing.

JPEG may carry Printer profile if provided by Printer. If any printing lab holds specific color profile then you can add the same profile in Book Xpress and get your project exported in same format for printing.

Share on Facebook

Share your created Book on Facebook directly from Book xpress software, no need to open any browser and login to select files. Just click on Facebook button inside the software and show your creation to world.

Multi Lingual

Work in the language of your choice. Choose from a range – English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and more. Languages are regularly added to the DgFlick Dictionary. Download the latest Dictionary to get the language you opt for or even add your own language to our dictionary.


Book Xpress works on both Mac and Windows systems. The updates for both versions are released simultaneously by DgFlick.

Save, Print or Share on Facebook

Project of new Book Xpress can be get saved along with photo and used material so project can be get transferred between PC’s or can be kept as backup, Show /Hide file name option allow you to select whether to add the project name on the page or not? You can split the spread pages by selecting split option. Get the output of Book Xpress in Jpeg, PDF as well as in Layered PDF so color correction on any photo is possible, you can also share the design book made by Book Xpress on Facebook.

New User Interface and themes

Photo book is related to consumer product so our new Book Xpress have new look for consumer it total interface is in light blue color so not even a professional an amateur can also use this software easily plus we had given the option of theme by with a user can change the UI color in single click.

Get Photos from Facebook & Bluetooth

Book Xpress have a special feature of photo import, customer can login to their FB account and can download the photos to create auto books. It also has Bluetooth option by which you can add photo in software if your systems have Bluetooth then.

*Advance Photo manager

Book Xpress is loaded with new photo manager through which customer can select the photo in thumbnails, list, Filmstrip or in Full view mode, none of other software provide selection in full view. Photo manager have option batch rename, batch Edit or Batch rotate same features can be used on single photo also. Sort by option is also with photo manager and add-on think is you can also sort photos manually.

*This feature is available only for PRO version users.


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