Import data from any CSV file.
Import data from any XLS file.
Keep Source Language & Fonts while importing.
Dynamic Mapping of Datafields.

Mobile App

Use Free Icard Xpress Mobile App to collect data.
Export data from Mobile App to CSV.
Import data to Icard Xpress from CSV.

Data Entry

Very Simple & Clean Data Entry Interface.
User Definable Data Fields.
Multiple Type of Data Fields like Text, List, Date, Time, Image, etc..


Have Photo’s File Name listed in one Data Column.
Choose Photo Path.
Icard Xpress Imports Photos & Assign to contact directly.

Mobile App

Assign Photos to Contact in Mobile App.
Export Data along with Photos.
Import Data along with Photos in Icard Xpress.


Choose Photos from Any Folder in Computer.
In case of Mobile App Choose Photos from Gallery.

Quick Photo Assignment

Quickest Photo Assignment to contact.
Choose Photo Folder.
Drag & Drop photos directly on Contacts.


Icard Xpress can capture photo through Integrated or connected Webcam.
Zoom In & Panning can be done in Live Camera Input.
One Click Capture of Image from Video.

On Screen Crop & Rotate

Zoom In & Panning Onboard.
Photo Gets cropped to Visible Size as soon as contact is saved.
Face Area Guide to help cropping.
Clockwise & Anticlockwise Rotation .

Advance Editing

RGB Color Correction.
Brightness, Contrast Correction.
More advance color correction like Curves, Levels.

Flexible Data Fields

Fixed Data Fields change according to Type of Business.
User Defined Data Fields.
Multiple Type of Data Fields like Text, List, Date, Time, Image, etc.
Automatic ID generation with Prefix & Suffix.


Auto Barcode Generation.
Barcode can be generated for any data field.
Multiple Barcode Patterns to choose from.

QR Code

Auto QR Code Generation.
Define Fields to generate QR Code.
Incorporate QR Code in any Icard Design.

Design Tools

Integrated Icard Designer to Design Professional Looking Icard.
Design Icard of any Size.
Design Icard Vertical/ Horizontal.
Design Single Side or Duplex Icard.
Use Your Own Backgrounds, Cliparts, Frames.

Data Objects

Use Every Data bound Object in Design.
While using Text define Font Size, Style & Color.
While using Images give Frames, Effects.


Export to Printable JPEG Quality.
Exported JPEg can be printed or shared.

Icard Printers

Compatible with most of standard Icard Printers.


Export Data to *.CSV.
Export Data with Photos.
Exported Data can be used as Backup or even Transfer.

Package Prints

Inbuilt Package Printing.
Make Package for any Paper Size / any Icard Size.
Fast & Easy Package making.
Save Package for future use.


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