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Before Sales

An LIC agency is one of the best career options in the world. In this video, you will find things you need to do before you start your sales process.

Before getting into any profession, one has to prepare oneself for that particular line of work. This preparation may be in physical, professional, emotional or mental form. If you follow the rules shown in this video, you will definitely be able to build yourself a successful career in the insurance domain.


Mr.Rajesh Tagore

For any profession, there are specific rigorous courses that lay the foundation for a successful career in that domain. Unfortunately, in the insurance profession, there are no such courses and to fill this gap, Rajesh Tagore himself has introduced various courses, so more people manage to carve out successful careers in the insurance domain. Rajesh Tagore has been in the sales field for over two decades now and in the training field for the past 15 years. Having addressed over 10 lakh people over the years, sold cassettes, CDs to over a lakh customers, conducted over 5000 seminars specifically targeted towards achieving mastery in Sales.


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