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Virtual Estate creation

Virtual Estate creation is a better option than any other investment formats, including the most popular, real estate. Virtual Estate can give you multifold returns as real estate, without worrying about risk or costs attached to it.

Real Estate is one of the most popular format of investment with create and save method. Jeevan Anand is a policy by LIC, which can provide equivalent returns to the investor without worrying about uncertainty of markets and costs such as maintenance, stamp duty, registration, etc. Hence, Virtual Estate can be created with LIC's New Jeevan Anand by investors who will like to invest in the 'Create and Save' option & by those who will like to invest the ready amount.


Mr.Ranjan Nagarkatte

After working in the insurance domain for 15+ years, Ranjan Nagarkatte is considered to be one of the finest trainers on Insurance Concepts & Products. Along with addressing sessions for Insurance Advisors, Ranjan also addresses Customer Awareness meets on Insurance. As a result of this interaction, he has developed concepts as per the need of the market. His USP, being able to present, the Insurance Concepts and Products in layman terms.


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