Auto Passport Creation

Passport Package creation is not a tough job anymore. Passport Xpress helps you achieve it speedily and easily, save your time and efforts using Passport Xpress. Creates instant passport packages in just few clicks, it has an inbuilt industry standard sizes and ready packages; you can use them and generate instant packages such as Passports VISA, ID, Stamp or Mix. On a single click you can change the packages with existing photo. Passport creation got automatic, easy and fast.

New User Interface and Themes

Passport Xpress have new UI so user will get more space for package composition and it will help to Make Instant Passport Packages, we had given the option of theme by with a user can change the UI color in single click.

Get started with ready packages

More than 300 ready to use packages are given in the Passport Xpress. All standard sizes of passport are pre-configured in this software. Categorizing it further as General, ID, Mix, Passport, Stamp and Visa, simplifies the selection. You can use any package of your choice. We had given the option of “Get more” by which you can download some more package from our website. Simplified Selection helps you easily get started.

Mix Packages with different Photo Sizes

More than One Photo Size in one Package is also possible in Passport Xpress. Adding photos on a single page with different sizes is not a difficult task anymore, do this on single click. Do it efficiently in less time and less wastage with great results.

Get photos from Bluetooth

Passport Xpress have a special feature of photo import, customer can send photo via Bluetooth option in software , if systems have Bluetooth, photos can be get imported easily. You also have the option to select the photo from hard disk or from USB.

Have Multiple Photos in Single Package

Variety in Photos is the major aspect of this software. Two different photographs of different person can get placed in one package itself. It reduces the time of the job taken to print them separately on two different pages. Also it cut outs the paper wastage.

Easiest option to detect Face area

Make the face area adjustments right and accurate with the smartest option available in Passport Xpress, which provides simplest way to indicate the face area percentage on the package. The option of “Show/Hide Face Area” gives the indication of face, by which you can easily adjust the photo in the defined package. In Passport xpress you can define the face area size in percentage and color which will indicate the face area on the selected package. It makes the most critical task a matter of few clicks.

Add Props

Passport Xpress provides you ready properties to add on the photos. Now you can add properties like coat, blazer, shirt and Tie, spectacles, etc. on the photos very easily. The properties are designed perfectly and can be perfectly placed on the photo without much adjustment. Moreover you can generate 18 ready to use tone of each props. You can also bring in your own props in PNG and JPG format.

New era Packages with text

Nowaday the entrance exam of MBA, IIT etc. required passport photo with name and date of birth of applicant on it. To full fill the requirement of your new era customer we had given the packages with text option, on that you can easily add required text. Add it once and it will automatically get fit on all the images on the package.

Advanced Photo Editing

Passport Xpress have advance options of photo editing which will help you to enhance your photo. We had given the touch up tool which help you to touchup the photos in a simple way. You can remove all the Blemishes, Wrinkles, Spots, and Marks from the Face. Change the background tool by which you can remove a single color background behind an image and replace it with required color background. In passport xpress we had also given the Enhance tool which includes editing option such as Brightness, Contrast & Gamma, RGB, Curve & Level etc.

Beyond Passport

Easy to use interface helps you to design the passport packages much faster, plus passport xpress allows you to go beyond passport and create Wallet Print, I-Card, Photo Labels, Exam IDs and more some ready to use design of this print articles are given with the software.

Save & Export

Project of passport xpress can be saved and open for re-creation or final output, Get the output in Jpeg or click on Print button to take directly print from your selected printer, you can also share the created package on Facebook.


Multi Lingual
Available on Windows & Mac
Print Anywhere


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