Easy Photo addition in Icard Xpress through Quick Photo Assignment

Quick Photo Assignment - Icard Xpress

When you design Icards, the photo addition in each Icard design can be a tedious task. Icard Xpress offers you several ways to get in the photos for Icard designing. Today we will see how the import photos through the ‘Quick Photo Assignment’ tool.

After importing the data, you can click on the ‘Quick Photo Assignment’ tool.

  • At the left side of the window, you will see ICARD List Panel and at the right side of the window you will see
    Photo Panel.
  • You will get a ‘Browse’ button in Photo Panel. Click on it and by browsing, give the path of the folder
    where the photos have been saved. Photos in the selected folder will appear in the Photo Panel.
  • Let’s start assigning the photo. Here we just need to drag the photo from Photo Panel and drop it on a
    respective ICARD entry to which it belongs.
  • Dragging and dropping is easy. Click and hold the mouse key on an image. Without leaving the mouse click, drag the image and move cursor towards the ICARD List Panel. Keep your cursor on the contact of which the image you are dragging. Now leave the cursor. The photo will be assigned to the contact.
  • In the same way, assign other photos too.

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