Icard Xpress Pack Release

DgFlick Icard Xpress Pack is the easiest yet most powerful and versatile Icard making software. It can be used by schools, colleges, corporates, hospitals, commercial and residential complexes, events and exhibitions, and even by photographers and printers to provide Icard service to various businesses. 

Check out Demo https://youtu.be/jMX4Pb0eXKg 

Ready Designs 

It has an Inbuilt Designer to edit ready designs or you can create new designs. All data fields are available to drag & drop & can be used in any font color & sizes. Also, different types of shapes, masks, frames & backgrounds are available to make designs attractive.

Flexible Data Fields

It has flexible data fields for which any number of organizations can be created. For every organization, you can have different data fields. Also, for fixed data fields you can change captions or can define 10 optional fields, data type, and data for these fields.

Import from Excel 

You can import data directly from excel. This is the best feature in this excel import is you need not map fields. Automatically titles of columns become data fields & available in designs. Any language & any cell format can be imported directly.

Import Photos  

In this, data can be imported along with photos if photo file names are mentioned in excel column & photos in the desired folder. You may know this format by setting up data & photo fields and then export plain data.

Capture Photos  

You can use any USB based camera that can be used for capturing photos. See camera preview with guidelines for photo & face position. Captured photos can be zoomed & panned instantly to have uniform face sizes.

Quick Photo Assignment 

For assigning photos, map any folder as a photo folder and just drag & drop photos from folder to data. After that dropped photo gets attached to that data as a photo. This process saves a lot of time in editing every data & then selecting photos.

Bar Code 

Barcode can be a separate field to be entered while entering data or it can be mapped to any existing data field such as ID. You can have 10+ different barcode types supported. Barcode can also have actual code displayed below the barcode.

QR Code 

QR code can be generated in real-time from selected data fields. You may select you to want QR code carrying data captions or you may just have data without caption. This QR code can be scanned in any QR code scanner to view data.

Encrypted QR Code

For some secure operations; you may need an encrypted QR code. Icard Xpress supports encrypted QR Code generation with a key. This QR code can be read-only through specific scanners and with valid Key.

Auto Face Crop 

Edit Xpress (Software within Icard Xpress Pack) allows users to “Auto Face Crop” from all selected photos, only faces get auto cropped at selected photo size & face size.

Auto Photo Correction

In Edit Xpress (Software within Icard Xpress Pack) manual professional photo correction is available. You can also make Presets using these Professional Correction Tools & apply them directly on Photo within Icard Xpress.

Instant & Package Print 

Icard can be directly Printed on a connected Printer while entering or editing Data. Multiple Data can be printed as Icard at Once. All Icards simplex or duplex can be imposed on a Bigger Paper Sheet with Various types of Cut marks, Header, footer.

Icard Xpress is capable of designing many more things than just an Icards. Personalized student yearbooks, student portfolio, graduation portfolio, personalized resume, certificates, and much more. 

To know more about Icard Xpress Pack visit at https://www.dgflick.in/icard-xpress-english/

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