Import Albums designed in any software and publish eAlbum

Album Xpress Publisher

Import pages for eAlbum from any software. The software supports JPG designed in any software.

What is eAlbum?

eAlbum is the way to view and share wedding albums in the mobile era. Album Xpress has inbuilt eAlbum publishing; while other users can use Album Xpress Publisher to convert their designed album project into eAlbum. eAlbum not just provides album viewing and sharing experience to users but it also provides a personalized marketing platform to photographers.

  • eAlbums can be viewed as a physical album by turning pages. eAlbum can carry videos & weblinks on pages.
  • eAlbum enables you to publish your profile. Free Album Xpress App available on play store as well as AppStore to view eAlbums.
  • eAlbum can be shared through email, WhatsApp, or any social media.
  • View eAlbum online visit
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