Import Ready Design for Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Design Labels, Cards and much more. Import ready design, designed in any software and Consolidate Design with variable data fields like texts, photos, bar code, and QR code. Create a new design with inbuilt advanced composition tools.

Import Design

  • Import design from – PDF or JPG.
  • PDF Importing in Raster or vector format.
  • Port Data fields on imported design.

Inbuilt Designer

  • Inbuilt designer to compose article designs in required size.
  • Layer free onboard composing tool.
  • Inbuilt library of Backgrounds, Cliparts, shapes, borders, masks.
  • Import external Backgrounds, Cliparts, borders, masks.
  • Image enhancement tools like Colorize, Shadows, Glow, and outline
  • Inbuilt Editors for image correction and filters for decorations.

Set Data Fields

  • Column headers of the imported data file are available as Data fields to be ported on design.
  • Drag and drop Data Fields on to design to create placeholders for actual data.
  • Set Position, Font Type, Style, Color for each Data Field, including barcode.

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