Smoothing & whitening effect in a single click

edit xpress

Almost each of us has imperfections that we want to hide. The face doesn’t always look perfect in photos, so there is a natural urge to correct them with the help of photo editors. Edit Xpress allows you to improve the look of your face in photos, smooth the skin, teeth whitening, remove acne, scars, wrinkles and so on.

Edit Xpress has ready presets that have sets of ready parameters like exposure, depth, skin and depth bias, tint correction, vibrance, fidelity. It helps to make the photo perfectly smooth, adjust the skin tone, enlarge or enhance eyes. You can also give a whitening effect to the teeth and you can remove moles and scars. All the parameters are adjustable if required with the sliders.

Edit Xpress not only improves the photo but also saves a lot of time that is spent on processing the image in a professional photo editor.

However, the main advantage of Edit Xpress is not the presence of more tools, but the fact that they are presented in a very simple and well-thought user interface. You can easily apply any of the tools and edit your photos quickly.

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