Date wise sorting of events

Events are sorted date wise i.e. the nearest event appears first. It lets you view the most nearest event first.

Email design on every process

Newest feature!! Email designs from software. Once you set your email, all the designs you process will be mailed to the multiple emails defined by you. You can also preformat your email with subject line & a personalized message.

Export designs on Facebook

Share designs directly on Facebook & avail marketing opportunity. Define account only once & share all the designs of the event directly. T he output can also be shared on the client’s account if the requirement occurs.

Insert objects

Single screen workflow. Every event related action can be performed on single screen. Right from inserting design & photo to decorating it with clipart & title.

Effects to the photos

Enhance photo in multiple ways. Remove chroma; manage brightness & contrast, a pply RGB color correction. Moreover, you can give different effects like colorize, shadow, etc. in single click. All these options are given in single window & due to that you can enhance the photo with the reference of background.

Manage size, angle & position

Event Xpress provides you keys for easy placement of object & ultimately easy formation of design. You can manage rotation angle, size & position easily. All this can be done with easy keys provided.

Take output

You can make on the spot photo correction like editing, giving effects, giving touchup to the photo. It helps to make the photo perfect to fit into the design.


Range of attractive designs to serve you. Designs are inbuilt & are categorized into various categories to make the finding easy. Designs for various themes like flick, frame, graduation, magazine cover, Christmas, sweet 16, etc. are provided & offers you great liberty for choice.


New cliparts added to the clipart gallery. This time we are offering you more cliparts & that too of different styles. Cliparts like flowers, small titles, heart, etc. are provided & are suitable for any kind of designs.


Design can be made more creative by simply adding title. Add the title to comment on event & the moment. Change Font type, size & color of the title according to your choice. Give more attractive look to your title & also to your Design in a single click with available ready presets in Event Xpress.


Combine multiple objects like design, clipart, title and give effects to the photos to create stunning, unique images.

Remove chroma in any way you want

Multiple ways to extract chroma from the image. Either choose chroma color from color palette or pick the color from picker & chroma will be removed. You can also save the photo after the chroma is removed.

Quality results

Event Xpress gives you high quality chroma removal of semi-transparent objects such as lace, glass and wispy hair.

Manage tolerance & feather

It comes handy when in Auto Creation any Landscape Photo fits in portrait position; you just need to select both photos to swap them instantly.

Manage brightness & contrast

Manage brightness & contrast of the image with simple methodology. While you are designing the page, you can enhance photos with multiple effects provided. By Allowing designing & photo editing in single window, we have simplified your work & saved time.

Manage RGB values

To apply the appropriate curves to an image take an underexposed RGB image & make it look great using Levels & Curves. At this juncture shown above, the photo starts to become richer & more saturated with color. After adjusting the required channel, the photo can be seen at a very rich stage. Details that weren’t previously visible shine out now.

Ready presets of effects

Event Xpress offers you more & more effects in single window, still keeping it simple & easy to use. We have provided effects like opacity, shadow, colorize, etc. in ready presets form which you can apply in single click.

Easy editing of photos

Edit photos with advance tools. Software offers you editing tools like BCG, RGB, level curve, etc. & also advance editing tools like artistic filters & also plug-ins can be imported.


Software provides you set of ready designs for different themes & orientations. Designs are colorful & designed with attractive decors. Design gallery can be easily accessed & designs can be inserted easily. These designs can easily be modified according to the need.


  • Easily insert photos :

    Photo fields are defined in all designs you just need to click on photo you want to insert & it will be inserted.
  • Give effects :

    Enhance & highlight photos in same window, while you are making your design ready. It saves your time & you can give effects to the photo according to the design. You can manage brightness, contrast & RGB values of the image & also remove chroma in single pick.


Insert cliparts to decorate design more. Software provides you more than 150 cliparts like flowers, small titles, heart, etc. & still allows you to import cliparts of your own. Cliparts are suitable for any kind of designs. Insert & place cliparts anywhere you want. Resize & rotate it easily & form an attractive design.


Add titles instantly. While event is going on, you can add title in the design & print it instantly. Design can be made more creative by simply adding title. Add the title to comment on event & on the moment. Change Font, font size & color of the title according to your choice. Give more attractive look to your title & also to your Design in a single click with available ready presets in Event Xpress.

Lock & unlock objects

Event Xpress generally locks the Photo as well as the other objects cliparts & titles on the design work area. It ensures precise designing done while creating page, other objects remains unaltered. You may just click on lock icon to unlock it & move it or resize it accordingly. A key for locking & unlocking is given by which you can easily lock & unlock selected object.


Photos can be made more creative by rotating them with just one click. With this you can have new formations & designs for Design. While designing page, you may need to rotate the certain objects on the page to build a design & add a look. Event Xpress makes the rotation easy with rotate buttons. With every click, you can rotate object clockwise or counterclockwise & form a design easily.

Scale object

Scale & manage the size of the object & adjust it on the page easily. Now scaling of object is easy with simple key functions. Keys to decrease & increase size of the object. Due to easy key functioning, size of the objects can be easily managed.


Objects in the designs should be placed in a right manner so that overall it looks attractive. Moving objects & placing them in a right position is easy now. Directive arrows are given & clicking on desired arrow, the selected object will be moved.

Designs & effects

Blend green screen photos into new background and add additional elements such as cliparts and titles to decorate it more.

Set printer

Print designs as you design them. Set desired printer once & keep on printing designs with one click. Setting printer in advance saves your time & also you can fit or crop the design. The designs can either be fit into printing area or can be cropped & only the desired part of the image can be printed.

Export JPG

Event Xpress works on both Mac and Windows systems. The updates for both versions are simultaneously released by DgFlick.

Email designs

New feature in Event Xpress. Now no need to email designs manually to the clients as designs can be directly mailed to them on their respective emails. Define your & clients emails & on every process designs will be mailed to them. Define multiple emails & also preformat email with personalized message.

Share on Facebook

Share the output on the Facebook. Set a Facebook account and automatically share every design. The output can also be shared on the client’s account if they want so. It provides you greater marketing opportunity & lets you get more contracts in future.


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