Auto Photo Folder Refreshing

Automatic Photo Directory refreshing based on the availability of new click or New photo.
New Photo appears at the top of all photos making selection quick and saves time.

Instant Chroma Keying

Latest chroma keying algorithm in software to smoothly knock off the Chroma.

Optional Photo correction

Some photos may need some correction which can be corrected on the spot with available correction tools.

Pre-set Templates

Choose design templates in advance and get the photo automatically placed in.

Design Preview

Extended Screen of designs enables quick design selection for visitor and Protects editor's screen from viewing.

Output Options

Save JPG or Print designs.
Share on Facebook.
Even can be sent on visitor's mobile.

Design Selection

Design selection in advance.
Choose designs that are going to be a part of the event.

Set Design Parameters

Set Chroma algorithm with the help of trial clicks.
Set the hot photo folder and access the photos faster.
Set the logo position according to the design and get logo placed on all the designs processed during the event.

Set Output Parameters

Set Data collection parameters and get the visitors' data exported as CSV.
Choose the default printer and printing style and make software ready for single click printing.
Set to share the designs on host's or guests' accounts as per the requirement.
Set to share the designs on host's or guests' accounts as per the requirement. Feature to add a message to the photo post.

Manage size, angle & position

Simple tools easy placement of object & ultimately easy formation of design.
Manage rotation angle, size & position easily.

Insert objects

Single screen workflow.
All the designing related options are available on the single screen.
Right from inserting design & photo to decorating it with clipart & title.


Inbuilt categorized designs to make the finding easy.
Great liberty of choice with Design categories like flick, frame, graduation, magazine cover, Christmas, sweet 16, etc.


Latest Clipart collection to the clipart gallery.
Cliparts like flowers, small titles, heart, etc.


More creative designs with title addition.
The title to comment on event & the moment.
Manage Font type, size & color of the title.
More attractive look to your title & also to your Design with available ready presets.


Combine multiple objects like Background, clipart, title, and give effects to the photos to create stunning, unique images.


Moving objects & placing them in a right position is easy now.

Scale object

Easy object size management with simply key functions.

Lock & unlock objects

Object locking to ensure precise designing done while creating a page.
Unlock objects to change its size or place.

Order Sequencing

Set order number format.Get the total prints processed during the event counted based on order number.

Brand / Logo Positioning

Logo positioning presets to choose from.
Go with the preset that suits your design.

Data Collection fields

Choose which data you want to collect.
Also choose which data fields you want to print on designs.

Social Media accounts

All the designs that are processed
Can be Shared on Host account.
Or Guests can share on their respective accounts.

Output in different formats

Output of designs in different formats depending on the further processing requirements.


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